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Giglée is a digital printmaking method that produces archival reproductions that retain all the fine details of the original with the highest color accuracy. World-class museums and art galleries exhibit giclées in their collections.

Allyn Harad, the artist, personally signs all of our giclée prints and each print comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from the master printer.

Certificate of Authenticity (text of certificate):
"This Certificate of Authenticity is proof the reproduction is a Genuine Giclée ... it affirms the artist was involved in all color and tonal manipulation insuring the print is an accurate representation of the original."

"The Giclée was produced by a master printer using the finest paper, canvas, and pigments. These archival materials, coupled with techniques developed over a number of years, produce the finest prints available."

"Handle your Giclée as you would any fine art image. Use professionals to insure your print is framed to archival standards and do not place in direct sunlight or high humidity locations. Unlike the limited life spans of other print methods, this Giclée can last a lifetime without noticeable fading if treated like any other valuable piece of art. "

Copyright 2004-2013 Life of Mimi. All Rights Reserved Allyn Harad.

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