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Mimi’s Book: A Year in the Life of Mimi: Her Miniature Stories
A Year in the Life of Mimi recounts the adventures and philosophical musings of a carefree rabbit—written by a group of elementary school students and illustrated by Allyn Harad.
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About the Book

A Year in the Life of Mimi tells of the adventures of a carefree rabbit and her philosophical musings.

"Clouds always seem to take the shape of what you are dreaming of," Mimi thinks as she watches carrot-shaped clouds float overhead. Whether she's eating ice cream, gazing up at a sky full of stars, riding a bike, or chatting with a donkey, Mimi knows how to enjoy life's simple pleasures with childlike innocence. She comes by that innocence honestly: her stories were written by a group of elementary school students. After illustrator Allyn Harad created Mimi through a series of watercolors, she asked fifth graders from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to write short stories for each illustration. The result is a series of "miniature stories" that capture the whimsical spirit of the children who helped bring Harad's charming rabbit to life.

Children love Mimi and her spirit of adventure. But A Year in the Life of Mimiis more than a children's book. Adults also love Mimi for her wise observations of the world - reminding them of a simpler time. When Mimi finds herself confronted with the "fun side of her brain" telling her to jump in a pile of leaves, while the "thoughtful side" tells her jumping in the leaves will mean another hour of raking, readers can only smile when she takes the fun side's advice and dives in. A Year in the Life of Mimi gives everyone - young and old alike - the chance to see the world through curious - and slightly mischievous - eyes. When Mimi wonders "where would a bird make her nest is she was afraid of heights" as she swings beneath a giant tree, you can't help but wonder along with her. Readers are never the same after sharing A Year in the Life of Mimi.

About the Illustrator

Allyn Harad has been painting since the age of four. As an undergraduate minoring in studio art, Harad produced etchings, hand-built clay pots, and experimented with abstract pastels. As her work evolved, she fell in love with watercolor.

After achieving an M.A. in Expressive Therapies with a concentration in Art Therapy, Harad became a board-certified art therapist. She has more than 20 years of experience in various psychiatric and mental health settings. Through those experiences, she has helped countless children and adults heal themselves through the non-verbal modality of art. She has developed and directed art therapy programs and was the first president of Washington state's chapter of the American Art Therapy Association. She was also a teacher, serving for three years as an adjunct faculty member at Seattle Pacific University, teaching art therapy to post-undergraduate students. In addition, she has taught art to elementary school students and developed before- and after-school programs.

Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Allyn Harad is the mother of two sons, has been creating Mimi's world through watercolor since Spring 2000, and has recently returned to graduate school to pursue an M.A. in School Counseling.

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