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Bad ear day
bad ear day at the office

Giclée print, $30, with signed Certificate of Authenticity
Original paintings, $90
Note cards $10

Welcome to the Life of Mimi. Mimi’s paintings capture the simple things that make us feel good about ourselves and life. Children adore Mimi. Mimi’s prints of miniature watercolor paintings are printed by a master giclée printer on watercolor paper, see our information on giclée prints. Please stop by from time to time as we add new paintings to our collection.

a day in the life of Mimi ...
Hi, my name is Mimi. I like the quiet moments outdoors ... snowflakes falling on my nose, gazing at the stars, horizons ... I am so thankful for carrots. Green and orange are my favorite colors. My life is simple yet rich. Each moment I share with you is about a slice of my life.  ~ Mimi    Meet the artist

New – Mimi has Bad Ear days...
Another bad ear day Bad ear day, 4 Another bad ear day
Bad ear day, 11 Bad ear day Another bad ear day
Another bad ear day Bad ear day, 6 Another bad ear day
Blowing out birthday candles
New Years
Dressing up for New Year’s Day
Family and Friends
Donkey Baby rabbits Emus
Baby rabbits Cowboy boot Mimi and horse Swan
Moose Horse picnic
Having fun
Cross country skiing
Cross country skiing
Blowing bubbles
Blowing bubbles
Playing with wax paper and crayons
Playing with wax paper and crayons
Swinging at the playground
Enjoying the museum
Enjoying the museum
Tea Party
Tea party in the garden
Cowgirls and Cowboys
Cowboy boot Mimi and horse Cowboy boot Mimi, golly cowgirl...these blisters
Haycart Cowboy and hat Cowboy fence
Garden first day
First day in the garden [no. 270]
Garden 5-20
Garden on 5/20 [no. 271]
Garden 5-29
Garden on 5/29 [no. 272]
Garden 6-5
Garden on 6/5 [no. 273]
Garden 6-13
Garden on 6/13 [no. 274]
Garden 6-22
Garden on 6/22 [no. 275]
Garden 7-18
Garden on 7/18 [no. 276]
Garden 7-30
Garden on 7/30 [no. 277]

Morning glory Mimi whittling Mimi finished whittling
Angle sitting on moon Mimi in striped bathing suit Mimi on float with umbrella
Mimi wearing carrot hat Mimi wishing on a star - 2 Hula hoop Mimi
red leaves in fall Mimi in blue chair with vine Mimi sitting on beach chair with juice

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